Life is best lived in color

Hi, I'm Milo Van Houten, m.f.a

A Walk in the Park

A short piece I wrote to accompany two people falling in love in a romantic movie.

Fun in the Forest
A piece commissioned for a children's mobile game.

Lyricist • Composer • Playwright

Lyricist • Composer • Playwright

Milo believes that as a composer, as a lyricist and as a playwright, it is his job to add color to a world left far too joyless, and inspire light in a world far too dark. Milo believes, "life without love is black & white and life is best lived in color." Nowhere is that more aparent than in his work. Milo strives to bring light, warmth and depth to every project he is a part of.

Milo's true passion is in creating work that inspires joy and wonder in children, having almost gone to medical school for child psychiatry, Milo has always had a love of helping children and developed a unique understanding for some of our youngest audiences.

Save the Girl
A spec cue for an action scene from the animated X-Men series.

"Whether your project is big or small, ordinary or extraordinary, I am eager to help bring your project to life."

Wind Quintet No. 1 Mov. I
One of my favorite and most loved orchestral pieces.

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